From hand and foot massages to full body massages, our trained massage therapists are ready to relax your muscles and rejuvenate your body. We specialize in Swedish massage therapy and our services include general body massage as well as specific, deep tissue work. After a week at the computer keyboard, many of our clients complain about repeated movement stress pain in their wrists and hands.
 A hand and arm massage is the perfect anecdote for this particular type of muscle soreness. Make a Spa Inc massage a regular part of your weekly health regime. Book your appointment today!

TreatmentSession Price4 Session Price8 Session PriceBook Appointment
Therapeutic Stone Massage $ 75 $ 285 $ 550 Book Appointment
Half Body Massage $ 100 $ 380 $ 750 Book Appointment
Full Body Massage $ 200 $ 750   Book Appointment
Back Treatment $ 350     Book Appointment