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Spa Inc
Since you're beautiful
For SPA Special Services !
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    Look your best on your special day
    At Spa Inc we specialize in wedding parties and can accommodate groups both large and small. Let our trained and knowledgeable team of beauticians make your wedding day gorgeous! Call Sandy to discuss your requirements. Read More
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    Spa Inc receives association award
    The National Spa Association has awarded Spa Inc a Customer Service and Standards award for the second year in a row. “Consistent quality combined with professional service places Spa Inc again at the top of its category.” —S. Creena, NSA Read More
Call us today to make an appointment 1-800-000-0000

Welcome To Spa Inc

After completing a degree in massage therapy and beautician studies, Sandy Kay opened Spa Inc two years ago. In that short time, the business has expanded to include a team of four certified massage therapists, three beauticians and a yoga specialist.
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Range Of Services We Offer

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I would like to thank Sandy and her team for making the trip out to the Evergreen Seniors’ Centre and for taking such good care of us. Having our nails and hair done was the highlight of our day. We felt pampered and special and we truly appreciate your Spa-On-Wheels” service! What a great concept! 
—A S Azziz, Jamesville 


22 September
  • Last Updated June 07, 2016 at 3AM
It’s a bad habit and one that is often difficult to break. People usually bite their nails from stress. Think of the expression, “A real nail-biter!” It’s also a habit that can begin in childhood and become hard to shake. Regardless of its origin or reason, nail biting is a no-no....

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Tanning beds have come under scrutiny recently because their use has been linked to increased rates of skin cancer, skin damage and immune system suppression. Several jurisdictions have banned tanning beds altogether. However, some advocates believe that tanning beds can provide help to people who suffer from low levels of Vitamin D.

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