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Thank you! I would just like to recommend Real Estate Co. They helped us sell our father’s home. It was a very traumatic time and Real Estate Co were gracious, sensitive and professional. They cleaned it up at no extra charge, marketed it effectively and we closed a quick sale in under two weeks. I couldn’t have wished for more. I highly recommend Real Estate Co.

K Wiles, Stebbstown

What a smart move! Real Estate Co know what what they’re doing. I wanted to get into the condo market in the GMA even though I live in another country. Real Estate Co made purchase on my behalf, set-up financing and recommended a landlord service. Thanks to Real Estate Co, I now have three condo units in the GMA market. And, I haven’t even visited the GMA! Thank you Real Estate Co for handling my business so well.

S Carl, Crieghton

Thank you! Buying our first house was stressful to say the least and for a while there we weren’t sure we’d even get anything. But Ron kept going; he was sure we’d find the perfect property and for the perfect price. And sure enough, we did! If it wasn’t for Ron’s persistence, we’d still be renting. Thank you, Ron!

E Carlyle, Greater Metropolitan Area

I recommend Ron and Lynn! We lived in our house for 15 years and with the crazy market in the GMA, we didn’t think we’d be able to move. But Lynn had ideas for us. She got us into the Park House project and we couldn’t be happier. It was the right move for us, so many thanks to Lynn at Real Estate Co for suggesting it. I highly recommend Real Estate Co—they know the market and they really do think outside of the box!

K Keller, GMA-west