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Here’s some sample writing that introduces a fictional company called “Photo Studio”. Edit or rewrite these paragraphs to suit your needs. Established in 1995 by Carlo West, Photo Studio offers the Greater Metropolitan Area a range of photography services, including portraiture, wedding, corporate/commercial and site-specific photography—and he works in studio as well as on site and around the world. 

Carlo is a graduate of the National Arts Academy and winner of the prestigious Excellence in Photography award. After several years as a free-lance photojournalist, he established Photo Studio with his business partner, Jay Smith. Since then, Photo Studio has acquired an impressive list of clients and an award-winning portfolio. Carlo’s philosophy is simple: he gives his fullest attention and dedication to every project—regardless of size. Whether he is photographing celebrities, wedding parties, or a family portrait with pet, he is dedicated to his art—and to his clients’ satisfaction. Have a look at Photo Studio’s image gallery to see some of Carlo’s recent work. 

Whatever the demands of your project, Photo Studio will meet your needs. Contact Photo Studio today at 1-800-000-0000 to discuss your photography requirements.professionalism.