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We specialize in all types of personal injury claims—from motor vehicle accidents, spinal cord injuries, medical negligence and wrongful death lawsuits to boating accident and retail product claims. We also provide second opinions and referrals on other legal matters. Whatever your legal needs may be, our lawyers are ready to help. 

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 Services We Offer For Your Legal Problem
Litigation & Class Action
Did your accident happen on private or public property? Do you have a medical report?
Vehicle Accident Claims
Do you have a police report? Were there eyewitnesses? Legal Firm will compile the...
Slip And Fall Injuries
Legal Firm will compile the forms and handle the paperwork so that you can focus on recovery.
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I wish to recommend Legal Firm. My daughter was hit in the eye by a toy doll that malfunctioned. She has partial sight now in that eye, however, we hope she will fully regain her sight as she gets older. I retained Legal Firm and they put together a comprehensive compensation claim against the manufacturer that reflected the seriousness of the injury, and the affect it will have on my daughter’s life. In the end, we got a very fair settlement. I was so pleased with Legal Firm for the compassion and care that they showed both to myself and my daughter, and that they gave to our case.
J Thompson, Crescent Town

18 Sep 2014
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The weather is getting colder and you’re hunkering down for a long, frigid winter. If you’re like a lot of people, you look forward to the summer, to holidays at the lake—and to boats. Why not use the winter to get your boating license? Focusing on boating is a perfect anecdote to the winter blues. Memorize correct boating language. Learn which side to pass on.

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12 November 2014
Legal Firm is pleased to announce that its New York offices will be opening in October.   

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