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Defensive Driving & Driver Education
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  • We provide a full range of driving lesson packages
    From Beginner Driver Education (BDE) for young drivers to refresh courses for mature drivers courses for new immigrants who need their license quickly
  • Flexable Payment Plan
    Multiple payment plans are available to meet your financial requirement
About Us
This is who we are - or at least who we strive to be...
 This template is ideally suited for a driving school website. It can be easily adapted to represent any size of driving school and can be customized to reflect your Company's particular services and courses you offer. Use this section to introduces “Your Driving School”, that offers curriculum that is aligned with the MTO guideline, as well as other wide range of services from the Beginner Drivers Education Course. 

For example: Driving school was established by James Thompson in 1985 and is the oldest driving school in area. Mr.Thompson was truly the pioneer in this new business at the time. His idea was simple, driving should be an enjoyable experience and each person should be responsible for one’s action. To this date although no longer alive, his legacy lives on.

Our Services
This is who we are - or at least who we strive to be...
Defensive Driving
To become the leading provider of driver training since 1931
Type Of Licenses
In Ontario, there are 15 different licence classes. Each one qualifies you
Getting a License
To get a license in Ontario, you must be at least 16 years of age
We are going to teach you what the hazards of all the following
Client Testimonial
Exploring the unexplored is a risky business, but a rewarding one.

Good Work, Driving School! Our instructor was very knowledgeable any time we had a question he explained in detail to make sure we understood. I learned a lot of tips on hand holding my future insurance and also about the clarity of rules (municipal & federal). In any case, my experience was excellent

-T Johannes, West Hill

Driving Packages
We offer week days and weekend courses to support your busy schedule. Additionally In-car lessons are available to book 7 days a week morning after noon or evenings, we can also customized the courses to your specific driving needs. Please choose from the packages that best fits your need.

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