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Use this section to introduce your company. Simply click on EDIT MODE to rewrite, edit or add your own text. In EDIT MODE, use the Style Panel at the top of the page to make adjustments to the typeface. The Style Panel allows you to easily select a different typeface (also known as (font), adjust the size of the typeface, its colour and style (for example, you may wish to select a word and make it italics for emphasis). Simply use your cursor to highlight the text you wish to change then use the Style Panel to select the change.  
Here’s some sample writing that introduces a fictional company called “Tax Firm”. Edit or rewrite these paragraphs to suit your needs. Since it was founded in Toronto in 1973, Tax Firm has grown into a leader in both the national and international chartered accountancy industries. Tax Firm is dedicated to achieving its clients’ goals and fostering the growth and success of its clients’ businesses. With over forty years of experience, Tax Firm has served clients of all sizes and at all stages of their operations—and continues to be rated among the top five firms in the nation. 
Tax Firm has a diverse client base, including multi-national firms, not-for-profits, sole proprietorships and foundations. We are specialists in a wide range of accounting practices and offer services in tax preparation, estate planning and management, wealth management and asset protection, as well as bookkeeping and financial statement preparation. 
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